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LAUPlifting Newsletter November 2016

Let Your Voice Be Heard

CEO Message

Through history, we have seen that there is incredible power in advocating behind others. In the 19th Century, Susan B. Anthony stood up for her fellow women and fought for the equal right to vote. Abraham Lincoln also stood for equality and abolished slavery at the end of the Civil War. As an American culture today, we cheer behind our favorite teams, and we rally behind our nation when we watch the Olympic Games.

So when you head to the polls today, join us in rallying behind our children. We thrive and become the best version of ourselves when someone is championing us and advocating for us. Our children need us to do just that. Believe in the power of your voice. It was through one, still voice that Anthony and Lincoln were able to initiate the justice their fellow people deserved, and in turn establish the “better tomorrow” we are able to experience today.

In addition to the Presidency, there are many critical elections at the local, state, and federal levels. When you cast your vote, you are advocating on behalf of your child – all children – and the inherent educational opportunities they deserve to succeed at school and in life. Through your vote, you are contributing to the foundation of our country and the future of our nation’s youngest.



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Scott L. Hippert