Child360’s 2020 Census Work

The 2020 U.S. Census is here, and it’s time to be counted! Complete your census survey today!

An accurate 2020 Census count is crucial for our youngest children.

Every child deserves to learn, grow and thrive; and equally, the adults in these children’s lives deserve to be supported.

The census is our nation’s official population count and happens every ten years. Census numbers are one of the primary factors in determining how states receive resources that meet the needs of our children, such as child and family programs. As you know, every child in the state does not have access to high quality early learning. When adults count their children in their Census questionnaire, they are driving critical funding that will pave the way for more young children to learn alongside their peers, and for communities to have local resources available to them.

Children under the age of five are historically one of the most undercounted groups. In the 2010 Census, an estimated five percent of kids aged 0-4 were not counted. In real numbers, that’s over one million young children! Child360 is determined to change this reality.

Please do your part to help ensure that all families THRIVE during the next decade, and complete your census form NOW! You can complete your census form online at

To complete your census form by phone, go to

Please respond online or by phone by September 30, 2020. It’s important to stand up and be counted!

If you have any questions about completing the census, please call NALEO Educational Fund’s toll-free national Census bilingual hotline at 877-EL-CENSO (877-352-3676). The hotline is available Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST

Child360’s 2020 Census Work

2020 Census Trainings

Child360’s Public Policy Team delivered 14 Census Education trainings in hard-to-count communities across LA County, reaching over 250 parents and caretakers of young children. Each Census Education training focused on the importance of participating in the 2020 Census and including babies and toddlers in the count, to ensure California receives its fair share of federal funding for early childhood education, schools, health care and other vital programs. The Child360 Public Policy Team reached neighborhoods in Arleta, City of Industry, Cudahy, East LA, El Monte, Koreatown, Lancaster, Lennox, Long Beach, Lynwood, Maywood, Palmdale, Pomona and Sylmar.

Print and share our updated family-friendly Census & Voting postcard, with all the “need to know” facts on filling out your census form and registering to vote in California. Available in English and Spanish!

Please help us Get Out the Count and Get Out the Vote to ensure all of our children are prioritized and accurately represented by our government.

Download the Postcard

Please view our short census videos for information on how the census count impacts our communities, who must be counted, and how to complete the form. Click here to watch in English and Spanish.



For early learning educators:

Child360 is training over 500 early learning providers across the county to be 2020 Census ambassadors. Providers will engage the parents in their program, distributing census materials and encouraging parents to count themselves and their children. Through this network, we anticipate that we will impact 40,000 families!

Bilingual Toolkit: Brain Building from Birth

Your child’s brain develops more in their first three years than any other time in life! Child360 created ‘a bilingual toolkit to help you understand the various stages of your baby’s development between birth to age three, and how you can nurture them during each important stage. At the end of the booklet you learn about the importance of the census, and how counting young children on your census form impacts local resources, such as child care.
Download the Brain Building from Birth Toolkit

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