Sub360: Substitute Teaching Services by Child360

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Interested in becoming a substitute early educator?

Everyone in our program will receive ongoing mentoring from a Child360 Workforce Development Specialist, who will:

  • Help you set career goals
  • Review transcripts
  • Provide information about permit/degree requirements
  • Assist with applications and permitting processes
  • Career Track Advisement for those who would like to gain full-time employment or advance in the ECE field

What next?

Evaluate what kind of role you see yourself in, and ensure you meet the minimum requirements for that particular role:

  • Substitute Assistant Teacher
    • 12 ECE units
  • Substitute Teacher
    • Option 1: 24 ECE units and valid CTC Teacher Permit
    • Option 2: A.A. or A.S. in ECE
  • Substitute Master Teacher
    • Option 1: 24 ECE units, 2 Adult Supervision Units and valid CTC Master Teacher Permit
    • Option 2: B.A. or B.S. in ECE
  • Infant Toddler Substitute Teacher
    • A.A. or A.S. in ECE + 6 units Infant and Toddler units

Are you an early care and educator director looking to build the quality of your substitute pool? Contract with us!

The Child360 Difference:

Child360 is a trusted voice among national early learning partners and an integral leader throughout Southern California. Since 2004, Child360 has helped over 700 early learning providers elevate their program quality and prepare over 200,000 children for their best start in life. Every person who passes through our program will learn from the most knowledgeable coaches, trainers, and workforce specialists in the industry, who bring decades of education and direct-classroom experience.

Educators who are certified in our Substitute Pool program will:

  • Have 32 hours of paid-placement training before entering the classroom
  • Acquire a deepened understanding of children, families, and the ECE field
  • Refine their instructional skills
  • Learn within Child360’s proprietary Substitute Engagement model, which includes:
    • Regular check-ins with a substitute supervisor and fellow cohort members
    • Access to free online courses through our interactive Substitute Learning Community
    • Career Advisement

Child360. Your partner in lifting up early learning, from every angle.