For Advocates

Supporting the early childhood field during COVID-19

We’re working alongside elected officials and fellow advocates to support early childhood professionals – many of whom are continuing to provide vital services to children and families during the pandemic.

Get Involved

Connect with your elected officials and stay up to date on policies affecting your family and your local, early learning community.

Honor an Educator

Every year, Child360 honors standout early educators in LA County through the Early Educator of the Year Awards. Is there an educator in your life who deserves to be celebrated, or is that someone you? Use your voice to celebrate our classroom heroes.

Voices from the Field

Equitable and effective ECE policy requires input from providers and teachers on the front lines! Child360 and Early Edge California went directly to Los Angeles-based ECE professionals to learn about their pandemic experiences and workforce needs to inform our ongoing policy and advocacy work.

Advocacy in Action

Year-round, we meet with elected officials where parents and educators, just like you, share the tremendous impact of early learning on their lives. We carry support signs during rallies at the Capitol—joining fellow advocates in childcare chants—and provide public comment at budget and policy hearings to ensure the voices of the early care and education field are always heard.

Early Learning Site Visits

Child360 orchestrates site visits for elected officials to join in on the fun at Child360-supported sites, and see firsthand the impact of quality early learning. Visitors are always engulfed by the joy and laughter of the children, and can hardly resist reading “just one more book” during story time. ECE directors, teachers, and staff have the opportunity to share their day-to-day life and needs, while elected officials share their priorities for early education.

At Work in the Community

Child360 is on the ground working shoulder-to-shoulder with residents, partners, local businesses, and government institutions to build and implement strategies that strengthen the village, and create the support we all want for our children.

Partner with us

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Community Ambassador Program

You are your child’s best advocate. You’re invited to join the Child360 Community Ambassador Program to make a difference in your child’s world, your community, and beyond. Through hands-on workshops and trainings, more than 3,000 parents have learned how to draft persuasive letters and petitions, hold meetings with elected officials, use social media as an advocacy tool, and mobilize fellow community members to advance opportunities for our children.