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The Angle, November 2017 – Book Picks

Earlier this month, we celebrated National STEAM Day–a day designed to inspire children to explore the layers within Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The seeds of learning are often planted during play, reading and other experiences framed with creativity; so we dug-up two excellent children’s books that will stir young imaginations, while subtly weaving-in STEAM motifs. And, where would November book picks be without a Thanksgiving read? Have fun diving into adventure with two silly turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving!

ABCs From Space

by Adam Voiland (Simon & Schuster $18.99) Age 3-8

Twenty-six satellite images of faraway landmasses, whimsical cloud formations and sinuous rivers and creeks reveal a surprise: The letters of the alphabet hidden in their naturally occurring shapes!

Science writer Adam Voiland compiled the images—taken from robotic satellites that orbit the Earth—including traditionally hued photographs as well as otherworldly landscapes rendered in the psychedelic spectrum of light waves invisible to the human eye.

This unusual book is also augmented with advanced science for the kids who are ready for it (along with adults grateful for a nifty ABC alternative)!

Goodnight, Numbers

by Danica McKellar, illustrated by Alicia Padrón (Crown $16.99) Age 1-5

Paying homage to the classic Goodnight, Moon, actress-turned-mathematician-turned author (remember her as Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”?!) seeks to deliver mathematic building blocks in this sweet bedtime picture book.

This counting themed story—complimented by gentle illustrations—reflects McKellar’s infectious enthusiasm for math, guiding children to observe the numbers in their world. Two feet, two ears, three wheels on a tricycle, four paws on the cat, plus additional counting opportunities hidden in the margins (and included in a page of tips for parents)!


Bob and Tom

by Denys Cazet (Atheneum $17.99) Age 3-7

Author/illustrator Cazet weaves an amusing story about the adventures of two turkey friends, and their quest to throw off boredom. As Bob and Tom bumble through their day to find “something” to do, their humorous banter and off-the-wall barnyard observations keep you well entertained from beginning to end. Cazet’s lively illustrations are equal parts absurd and comfortingly familiar, striking just the right note for his narrative.

While the two turkey friends never find that elusive “something”, our hearts experience the warmth that comes from the A-Ha behind the “journey along the way” shared with a (sometimes-silly) friend.

Note: Age recommendations are based upon publisher guidelines and parent feedback. Prices are publisher’s list; discounts are usually available.

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