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California still has a way to go in offering ‘full-day’ preschool

EdSource released a new report  titled “Early Learning Time: Accessing Full Day Preschool and Kindergarten in California,” which examines the state’s progress in providing full-day preschool and the current financial disincentives to offering a full-day program built into the way California funds these programs. In part two, we will look at full-day kindergarten.

Despite continuing efforts to expand learning time for young children, large numbers of low-income California children still lack access to full-day programs in state-supported preschool, according to a new EdSource report.

A full-day program has similar advantages for parents in urban areas. “For working parents, part-day is definitely difficult,” said Dawn Kurtz, chief program officer for Los Angeles Universal Preschool. “By the time you drop the child off and leave, it’s time to come back again. It’s a hardship.” Adding to the difficulty is that many parents don’t have anyone to pick the child up and get them to another place for child care in the middle of the day or early afternoon, she said.

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