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Early childhood education pays big dividends, study says

EdSource Providing poor children with high-quality early childhood education – from birth through age 5 – results in adults who are healthier, earning higher incomes and less involved in crime, according to a new study that followed participants for 35 years. The study showed a positive impact especially on boys and their families. Described by […]


Why Doesn’t Public School Start at Birth?

The Atlantic The rate of return on a good early-childhood program is about 13 percent, according to a new analysis from the labor economist and Nobel laureate James Heckman, who directs the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago. That’s a higher return than the 7 to 10 percent that […]


Is Head Start Working for Low-Income Latino Kids? Depends on the State

NBC News Quality preschool can greatly benefit low-income children and families, yet the three states with the greatest numbers of Latino residents fell below national averages on enrollment and other measures in a state-by-state report of Head Start programs. On some measures, though, the states beat the national average. The evaluation by the National Institute […]