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‘Life-Changing’: Head Start Gives Latino Migrant Children Early Education

NBC News While he was growing up along Florida’s east coast, Misael Rangel’s immigrant parents were working hard to provide for their family. His father picked oranges and other citrus fruits and his mother worked in the packing fields. Their long days of physical labor often led to a kind of improvised childcare. “My mom […]


Making Publicly-Funded Preschool Possible To All American Families

The Huffington Post A few days after the election Joshua, one of my four-year-old students, told me he hated Donald Trump. Joshua sounded both angry and afraid. As a liberal democrat, I understand that fear all too well. My response to Joshua was, “Hate is a very strong word. I understand that you’re afraid of […]


After 50 Years, Head Start Struggles with Uneven Quality

NPR For more than 50 years, Head Start has provided free early childhood education and other services to low-income families. But new national research, out Wednesday, shows great variation from state to state in how well the program works. The study comes from the National Institute for Early Education Research, and it examined Head Start […]


Early childhood education pays big dividends, study says

EdSource Providing poor children with high-quality early childhood education – from birth through age 5 – results in adults who are healthier, earning higher incomes and less involved in crime, according to a new study that followed participants for 35 years. The study showed a positive impact especially on boys and their families. Described by […]


Why Doesn’t Public School Start at Birth?

The Atlantic The rate of return on a good early-childhood program is about 13 percent, according to a new analysis from the labor economist and Nobel laureate James Heckman, who directs the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago. That’s a higher return than the 7 to 10 percent that […]