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Child360 Comments on Governor’s Final Budget

On May 11, Governor Jerry Brown proposed a $137.6 billion state budget that reflects an unprecedented $8.8 billion dollar surplus. Brown has proposed using much of the surplus to bolster the state’s rainy day fund to protect spending during a future recession, while also using one-time funds to address homelessness, mental health needs, fire prevention […]


2017 State of Preschool Report Highlights Progress in California: CA pre-K supports young DLLs but overall quality standards remain low

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Brunswick, NJ—A new state-by-state report shows more young children enrolled in public pre-K programs nationwide, with California emerging as a leader in supporting young Dual Language Learners, even as overall pre-k quality standards remained low. The State of Preschool 2017 annual report finds states heeding the demand for pre-K and expanding […]


California to get huge boost in child care funds from federal budget

Ed Source, By Louis Freedberg Thousands of children will get access to subsidized child care as a result of a massive increase in child care funding approved by Congress last month. Congress approved — and Trump signed, albeit reluctantly — a $1.3 trillion budget that includes a nearly $2.4 billion increase in funding for the […]


8 Ways to Honor Diverse Family Structures in the ECE Classroom

Rasmussen College, By Brianna Flavin “… And the very sleepy bunny said, ‘Goodnight Mom, goodnight Dad.’” A line like this wrapping up a sweet children’s story probably doesn’t cause you any surprise. But if you are a preschooler with two moms or a toddler living with an auntie, then these familiar lines are painting pictures—and […]


Early Educators Help Children Navigate Fears of Violence, Times of Protest

Education Week, By Marva Hinton The Creative Learning Center in Miami is about 55 miles south of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where 14 students and three staff members were shot to death in February. In the days after the shooting, the center, which educates children ages 2 to 6, had to […]