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A Former Education Secretary’s Advice For Betsy DeVos

NPR Since he began running for president, Donald Trump has been talking about a smaller federal role in education. The confirmation hearings begin Tuesday for the person he has nominated to carry out his vision, Betsy DeVos. In her home state of Michigan, DeVos has been a powerful advocate of school choice and a larger […]


Obama’s Early Childhood Education Legacy

U.S. News & World Report Next week, President Barack Obama will end his term as our nation’s 44th president. This has inspired much reflection on his legacy in recent months – as well as questions about what elements of that legacy will endure. There’s been relatively little attention to the administration’s legacy on early childhood […]


CHSA reaction to Gov. Brown’s budget proposal

California Head Start Association There seems to be agreement across the field that the Federal landscape is uncertain, and caution in the face of decreasing state revenue seems prudent. Yet: There is tremendous unmet need – thousands of children in poverty don’t have access to quality care. Current funding levels are still below pre-recession levels. […]


Money for early education disappears in Brown’s budget proposal

89.3 KPCC Preschoolers from low-income families waiting for a preschool seat may not get it in 2017 if Governor Jerry Brown’s austere budget proposal passes. Released Tuesday, the governor’s budget zeros out about $226 million that was slated for early childhood expansion as promised in the 2016 state budget. READ MORE


Choosing A Preschool

CBS 2 It’s prime time for preschool enrollment. Jill Simonian, Parenting Lifestyle Contributor, shares on CBS Los Angeles about choosing the right preschool. LAUP’s play-based vs academic-based infographic is referenced as a guiding resource. Watch the full clip for more information: