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LAUPlifting, October 2017 – Book Picks

October. A time to recall gulling tales, and masquerade as something different; donning yourself as characters from stories, movies, history—or even your imagination. For our family reading selections this month, we’ve chosen three storybooks whose characters may SEEM familiar, but quickly lead-on to new and surprising adventures. The creativity of these three authors will inspire […]


LAUPlifting, October 2017 – Bullying: Answers to Big Questions

October is National Bullying Prevention Month; around the country, schools,  advocates, parent associations, community groups, mental health professionals—just about anyone who cares about nurturing children—step up to increase awareness and education about this important issue. The issue of bullying can be complex, and takes on different characteristics according to children’s ages. With the help of […]


LAUPlifting, September 2017 – Diversity in Learning, Diversity in Life

Diversity (n): The quality, state, fact, or instance of being different. Variety; multiformity. Here in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse American cities by any measure, it’s no surprise diversity is highly valued and fiercely defended. Respecting and promoting diversity is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to the impressionable minds of children; […]


LAUPlifting, September 2017 – Book Picks

From birth, children look to adults for cues about how to process the world around them: Our behavior towards others, and similarly, our reactions. It’s these moments that provide the context for their social decisions in school and in life. September is Hispanic Heritage Month. We’ve selected books that explore diversity in an age-appropriate way, […]


LAUPlifting, September 2017 – CEO Message

Heroes come in many forms: firefighters, men and women in uniform, parents, teachers, grandparents; even the Marvel heroes we grew up with and continue to love into adulthood, sharing in the experience with our children. September 2017 marks the 16-year anniversary of the devastating 9/11 attacks that shook our country. Every year, this time is […]