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The Angle, July 2018 – Preventing the Summer Slide

  The “summer slide”—it sounds like a fun dance you might do at a backyard barbecue, right?   Sadly, the term refers to what experts call “summer learning loss,” where children backslide over the long school break in math and reading skills; over time this creates an achievement gap with classmates. We sat down with […]


The Angle, July 2018 – Book Picks

Because our feature story this month highlights ways to prevent the “summer slide”—where children lose some of the previous year’s learning during a prolonged school break—our book recommendations balance a well-earned celebration of the season’s pleasures with some subtle reinforcement of fundamental academic skills. Circle Rolls by Barbara Kanninen, art by Serge Bloch (Phaidon $16.95) […]


The Angle, June 2018 – Father’s Day Q&A with William Sperling, Acting CEO

  William “Bill” Sperling is more than Child360’s acting CEO: He’s also a dad! Bill’s children are both in the all-important 0-5 age range, so we were delighted when he agreed to talk to us about Father’s Day, parenting, and how his experiences as both parent and ECE professional impact each other. Please tell us […]


The Angle, June 2018: Early Educator of the Year Awards

Child360 Announces Five Early Educators of the Year This year marks the 11th annual Child360 Early Educator of the Year Awards! The countywide teacher recognition acknowledges the quality, creativity and hard work of those who teach children ages 0-5 – the most critical window for children when the architecture of the brain is being developed. […]


The Angle, June 2018 – Book Picks

Memories with Dad or the father figures in our lives, are often the quality moments in our day-to-day: laying in the grass, learning to ride a bike, or watching him tinker on something in the home while you skillfully slurp your icy lemonade. For this month’s books, we’ve made selections that will inspire those place-based […]