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The Angle, May 2018 – Book Picks

If you’ve read our feature story about the benefits of mindfulness-training for youngsters, you may be ready to jump onboard with calm, meditative exercises for the whole family! This month’s Book Review highlights some of the readily available tools recommended by Child360’s experts. We also rediscover a timeless classic…and remember, any of these suggestions would […]


The Angle, April 2018 – 360 View

The month of April brings a multitude of celebrations to Child360—Staff Appreciation Week, Earth Day, and the annual Week of the Young Child. All of these celebrations are unique in their own right, yet each shares a powerful theme of reflection and gratefulness; a combination that often generates the motivation that builds a better tomorrow. […]


The Angle, April 2018 – Celebrating the Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child™ focuses public attention on the needs of children from birth through age 8, and celebrates the early childhood programs and services that successfully meet those needs. Established by our partners The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), this year’s weeklong celebration hails from April 16-20. As […]


The Angle, April 2018 – Book Picks

April: budding flowers, peek-a-boo sunshine, and soft breezes. We have the privilege of enjoying these tiny moments, and in return have the opportunity to say thank you to Mother Nature on April 22: Earth Day. It is our hope these selections will keep the environmental conversation past the 22nd, and will empower your child to […]


The Angle, March 2018 – 360 View

The period from January to May signifies an important window for all of us. As you already know, a large part of Child360’s work is driven by advocacy. It’s during this budget season that we are highly involved – locally and even federally – to champion for children 0-5, and their families. This season marks […]