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LAUPlifting, August 2017 – Who Teaches the People That Teach Our Children?

“Early educators’ skills, knowledge and well-being are inseparable from the quality of children’s early learning experiences.” – Marcy Whitebook, Director, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment Imagine–you’re bringing your child to his or her first day of preschool. If you walk into Boyle Heights’ PUENTE Learning Center, and see Diana Juarez—one of LAUP’s […]


LAUPlifting, August 2017 – Book Picks

As the “dog days” of summer are about to turn into school days for your family, we’re recommending books that will subtly pivot your kids from breezy summer vibes to minds ready to learn! We sought selections that will bridge home-to-school learning, with picks that touch-on the fundamentals your kids will be diving into this […]


LAUPlifting, July 2017 – Free (or Affordable) Outdoor Fun for Kids

With the routine of school fading into memory, and the mercury of the sun rising, little bodies are ready to be catapulted into the possibilities of summer. Summer activities should—above all—be fun for the whole family, and take full advantage of our idyllic summer weather. (Extra points for enriching little minds by sneaking in some […]


LAUPlifting, July 2017 – CEO Message

During the month of July, we as a nation celebrated our cherished freedoms through the observance of our 241st Independence Day. July 4th is a day for all of us to embrace what it means to be Americans; we are grateful to live in a country characterized by freedom, diversity, the rule of law and […]


LAUPlifting, July 2017 – Book Picks

Summer is the best time to be a kid: Days filled with outdoor fun, exciting new adventures, and freedom from regular school days. Packed days of fluidity can keep little minds active well into the bedtime hours, so we’ve gathered a trio of books designed to nurture nighttime routines. Under the Silver Moon Illustrations by […]