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The Angle, January 2019 – CEO Message

2019 begins with a state budget proposal that prioritizes our children At Child360, we exist to support the whole child – this means not only investing in our children, but supporting those who care for and teach children during their most formative years, and supporting the families and parents of these children. Last week, California […]


The Angle, December 2018 – CEO Message

December is often a time of traditions and celebrations, framed by moments spent with our loved ones. While we’ve had a bit of rain these past few weeks in Southern California, having two boys of my own, I’m reminded of the increased bonding that takes place due to the weather. While their active bodies are […]


The Angle, December 2018 – Book Review

December is a wonderful month filled with holiday celebrations and spirited gift-giving. Whether your gift list (or budget) is small or large, a well-chosen book makes the perfect present for young and old. A new book can be shared in the classroom, or with friends and family; inscribe a personal message inside the cover, and […]


The Angle, November 2018 – CEO Message

Millions of Children are Counting on You – to Vote! What’s one of the most meaningful things you can do to help ensure all young children have the best foundation in school and life? Vote! Today, our country will determine who will be elected into several important roles across the country, choosing Governors, members of […]