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The Angle, March 2019 – Book Review

On March 2, we celebrated the birthday of beloved children’s author Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, which provides the inspiration for the National Education Association’s annual “Read Across America” day, celebrated the day prior. It’s a perfect pairing, as Dr. Seuss books are often the gateway to most young children’s first reading experiences. For March’s book […]


The Angle, March 2019 – CEO Message

Just a few weeks ago, Child360 launched its 2019 Exceptional Populations Training Institute (TI), which provides specialized training for early learning professionals to better support children with trauma induced behavioral and emotional needs, developmental delays, and physical and mental disabilities. A 2014 report by the U.S. Department of Education found that students with disabilities were […]


The Angle, March 2019 – Extra Daylight Means Extra Family Time

Our annual switch to Daylight Saving Time has always been a good news/bad news scenario: The bad news is the young children in our lives often have a tough time adjusting to the time change. But the good news is, the sun will set a full hour later, giving us more time for play! This […]


The Angle, February 2019 – Book Review

February is the shortest—and, in many parts of the country, most wintry—month of the year, yet its 28 days are jam-packed with holidays and commemorations. Perhaps they serve to distract us from polar vortexes and endless rainstorms? With our book picks we try to honor just a handful of this month’s many reasons to celebrate. […]


The Angle, February 2019 – CEO Message

Whether at the state level with the appointment of California’s Governor Newsom, or at the national level as each state unveils its budget priorities for the coming year – early care and education is a hot topic of discussion. While it’s something that has always been front of mind for organizations such as ourselves, we […]