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Child360 Comments on Governor’s Final Budget

On May 11, Governor Jerry Brown proposed a $137.6 billion state budget that reflects an unprecedented $8.8 billion dollar surplus. Brown has proposed using much of the surplus to bolster the state’s rainy day fund to protect spending during a future recession, while also using one-time funds to address homelessness, mental health needs, fire prevention […]


Child360 Responds to Federal Budget Deal: Increases for Child Care

On February 9, President Trump signed a two-year budget deal, along with a stopgap spending bill to end a brief government shutdown. The bipartisan budget deal increases domestic spending caps and includes critical wins for young children and their families. The deal extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for a total of ten years, […]


Child360 Selected to Lead Evaluation of Heluna Health’s Nationally Recognized Little by Little School Readiness Program

Research seeks to assess school readiness among low-income children in the program Child360, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting early learning from every angle, was selected by Heluna Health (the new PHFE) to coordinate and conduct 400 home visits as part of an evaluation of the organization’s nationally recognized early literacy program, the Little by […]


Child360’s Response to Gov. Brown’s Proposed 2018-2019 Budget

Scott Hippert, CEO of the California-based early learning nonprofit, Child360, has issued the following statement in regards to Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for FY 2018-19:  “Gov. Brown’s proposed budget signifies progress and hope for our earliest learners. In this final year of promised multi-year funding for early learning, we commend the Brown Administration for […]