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Child360’s New PSA Promotes Importance of First Years of Life and Undeniable Role of Adults

Child360 launches a new public service announcement to bring attention to the critical importance of early learning experiences and the role adults play in a child’s life; whether it’s when a child takes their first steps, or when they discover something new in a classroom setting – every moment matters.

The PSA underscores the importance of taking a comprehensive approach – empowering teachers, engaging families, and strengthening communities – to ensure all children are cared for, happy, and thriving. More than eighty-five percent of a child’s brain develops in the first three years of life, and it’s up to the adults in children’s lives to provide the support and nurturement they need during this critical time of learning and discovery.

The PSA release comes at a historic moment in California with a monumental shift in how the Governor is prioritizing young children and their families. The governor has proposed more than two billion in funding for comprehensive child development services, paving the way for more parents to be there the first time their newborn smiles, for more teachers to advance their professional goals, and for more young children to have the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting, alongside their peers.

“What we choose to pay for is what we value, and Governor Newsom’s commitment to supporting families, educators, and young children is unprecedented.” said Child360 CEO, William Sperling. “With this spot, Child360 reinforces the importance of quality early learning programs and the significance of building the capacity of the adults in the lives of our children. All children deserve to thrive in school and in life, and it’s up to us to make the most of this critical time.”

Click here to watch or download the 30 second PSA, directed and produced by Kyle Hausmann-Stoke; it will be distributed across major cable networks and available online. The 30-second spot was filmed at three exemplary child care centers throughout the Los Angeles area, including: Cerritos College Child Development Center, Long Beach City College Child Development Center, and Tapia Family Child Care.

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