Equity Starts Early

Together We Can!

Together, WE CAN forge equity through simple, every day interactions.We created a guide to walk you through your child’s development and how they interpret race and culture, and how you can help them build a healthy lens for life!

We Can Be The Voice!

Together, we can be the voice for early educators who are the brain-builders of our children. For far too long, they have been denied resources, while continuing to be the backbone of our society. We believe we can all:

Fight for livable wages.

Everyone in our community should be able to work, live and raise their families with dignity. The economic insecurity and lack of a living wage faced by these working people – 75% being women of color – directly impacts educators’ well-being, as well as the quality of ECE programs. (Talk Poverty, 2020; National Research Council, 2015)

Establish paid training.

This workforce struggles to maintain positive mental health both within the classroom and at home. In a recent study, ECE professionals revealed they feel a profound responsibility to put the children’s mental and physical wellbeing and social emotional care before their own (Rodriguez et al, 2020). Paid training will allow providers to have stability for themselves and the children in their care.

We Can Transform!

California alone is home to over 2.5 million children ages five and under. As it is now, only six out of 100 babies and toddlers qualify for subsidized childcare have a seat.

17% of early educators live in poverty – that’s 7x the poverty rate of K-8 teachers, and double the poverty rate of California workers in general.

Together, we can transform the way children experience their early learning classroom, so every child feels at home, included, and seen.   

Join us in the march to create an equitable world and brighter possibilities for our children. The little changes you implement today and the choice to become an ambassador of equity create the stronger tomorrow we all deserve.