Why Child360? What does it mean?

Child360 reflects our ongoing commitment to support quality early learning, from every angle.


Is your vision changing? 

Our vision for educational justice remains stronger than ever! And with Child360, it’s clarified. Child360 is working toward a future where every child is given the educational opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.


What led to the new brand name?

Our organization has always stood for making quality early learning a reality for every child, regardless of his or her background.

We’re proud of our LA roots, and to advance critical conversations and drive action, we need a name that underscores our approach to support the whole child, beginning at birth—whether here in California or in our nation’s capital.


What does the tagline, “one focus, every angle” reflect?

Child360 puts the success of our earliest learners at the forefront, and we know lifting-up those around them provides the best foundation for our children’s futures.

Throughout our history, we have taken a 360 degree approach to improve and expand the vital early learning opportunities our young children need, by working alongside educators, families, partner organizations, policy makers and our communities.


What does the new logo symbolize?

The refined logo pays homage to our history, while visually leading us forward. The circle mirrors our new name, and like a child’s arms reaching upward, it signifies both the growth of both our earliest learners and our organization.


What was the rebrand process like?

Today’s reveal has been two years in the making. It was an organization-wide initiative, with our staff and board playing an integral role throughout the process. The journey in its entirety was guided by external research and analysis, lead by experts in industries spanning from education to marketing.


Are you still servicing Los Angeles?

Absolutely! Since inception, we were established as the early education non-profit in Los Angeles County to support the care and development of the county’s youngest learners. This commitment remains as our reach continues to expand.


What do you ultimately hope to achieve with this refined brand?

Our investment in Child360 is an investment in the future of our communities; by supporting our earliest learners, we are equipping and empowering the next generation of our future workforce.

A new name, that clearly defines and is representative of the work we do daily, gives us the banner to better embody who we are, and where we are going.

Alongside our trusted partners, Child360 will continue to improve the quality of learning and elevate the early learning industry through program support, professional development, advocacy, research, and community engagement.


Why should I support Child360?

Access to quality early education should be an inherent right for all children. Expanding opportunities to high-quality early childhood education is among the smartest investments we can make.

From the moment a child is born, through the age of five, the architecture of the brain is being developed. By age three, a child’s brain is 85% developed.

Research shows that children who attend quality early learning programs are four times more likely to earn a college degree, stay employed longer, and earn higher incomes. Research also validates that every $1 invested in early learning yields a nearly $9 return to society! That’s because kids who enter kindergarten with a quality early learning foundation, have higher levels of health and face lower incarceration rates.

Yet, just 35% of four-year-olds, and less than 10% of three-year-olds, are receiving the high quality education they deserve! Child360, alongside trusted partners, is working to make early education a reality for all children.

From every angle, we are equipping the next generation, empowering them to discover their potential, and investing in our future workforce. Our children deserve it, and so do we.