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LAUP Awarded with $3 Million Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Grant

LOS ANGELES, CA–LAUP, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of early learning, has been awarded with a $3 million Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The funding allows LAUP to support 122 infants and toddlers with high-quality early learning and care within high-need zip codes and Promise Zone neighborhoods. The services will take place at 12 learning centers and family childcare locations in Los Angeles through August of 2018. The grant is renewable through August of 2021 potentially totaling approximately $11 million.

“I am thrilled to hear LAUP will be receiving a much deserved $3 million dollar grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Extensive research has shown the undeniable importance of early childhood education, specifically between birth and the age of three, and the Early Head Start Partnership Grant will help stimulate programs that provide the necessary development for children in these high-need zip codes,” said Senator Steven Bradford, whose constituents will be directly impacted by the work behind this grant.

The Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership grant empowers LAUP to offer holistic support to providers, directly supporting the educators and the families they serve. Through the program, LAUP will work hand-in-hand with providers to deliver comprehensive support to children and families utilizing a strengths-based approach to both curriculum and educator development. The early learning programs will foster cognitive and emotional development, and provide ongoing access and pathways to resources such as health screenings and referrals; nutrition; and family support.

“Learning begins from the moment a child is born, and we are honored to support programs that nurture the youngest age-bracket of the early learning realm,” said Scott Hippert, LAUP’s CEO. “Research tells us that when we reach the most vulnerable and at-risk children, we are forging a way to diminishing the inequality gap. We have an incredible opportunity here.”

About LAUP
LAUP brings a rich history of impact having helped over 700 early learning providers elevate their program quality and prepare over 130,000 young children for kindergarten and beyond. The non-profit’s mission is to develop the whole child by supporting parents, growing a qualified workforce, improving program quality, and advocating for increased investments in early learning.

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