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LAUP responds to the Trump Administration’s federal budget proposal

LAUP, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of early learning, has issued a statement following the Trump Administration’s federal budget proposal released yesterday:

“As an advocate for young children and families, we are deeply concerned that the Administration is proposing a $9 Billion (13%) reduction to the Department of Education budget and a $15.1 billion (18%) reduction to the Department of Health and Human Services budget. Though this proposal’s implications on early learning are not clearly specified, such dramatic cuts would be devastating to children and their families. The proposed cuts to after-school programs, teacher training and recruitment would weaken the quality of the education infrastructure as we now know it,” said Scott Hippert, CEO of LAUP.  “The proposed budget also doesn’t address the vital Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and Head Start Programs, which need additional investments to ensure that eligible children and families receive critical early care and education services.

“With this proposal, Californians stand to lose the most federal dollars, therefore negatively affecting more children than in any other state. We plan to work with legislators to better understand how President Trump intends to lift up our families, and to work with the Administration to sustain and expand the investments that are necessary for our children, and their families, to live and thrive. It is vital that we continue to serve as a voice for our children and their futures, and advocate for the fundamental opportunities they deserve. We will continue to urge Congress to consider every policy and budget decision through the lens of how that decision will affect young children, their future, and in turn, the future of our nation.”