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LAUPlifting, March 2017 – CEO Message

A few years ago, I attended a Girl Scout Bridging ceremony for one of my great-nieces. Still to this day, I am captivated by a portion of the closing stanza of the Girl Scout theme song: “A circle’s round – it has no end…”. It reminds me of the work we do at LAUP: If our work took the form of any shape, it would not be a line, but a circle. We are always working and innovating, operating on a continuous quality loop. Our efforts on behalf of our youngest children never cease, and the impact of the work we do never ends.

Last week, I came across a quote by Henry Adams that echoed my previous stream of thought: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” The work of LAUP staff – as well as the providers we support and the legislators who serve as our voice at the state and national levels – is ongoing, with effects that reach far into the future. I am excited to share with you a few organizational updates that revolve around the silent heroes in the classroom: our teachers and providers.

  • As a part of our continued efforts to expand and grow the early learning workforce, on March 6, LAUP launched a new professional development program for early learning professionals: an Exceptional Populations Certification. Made possible by funding from the Los Angeles City Workforce Development Board and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, 32 students will embark on a 16-week curriculum designed to enhance their approach toward supporting children from exceptional populations. We are excited to empower and equip educators to nurture those who may fall on this continuum, and we look forward to the eventual outcomes of setting these children on an equal playing field with their peers. For more information, you can read the full press release here.
  • LAUP has officially opened the nomination period for the annual LA County Early Educator of the Year awards! Every year, we look forward to this special time that spotlights the integral movers behind the quality early learning programs in our communities. This year, we have expanded our recognition to include educators in infant and toddler programs. You can also click here for further information on the award and nomination criteria.

Serving young children is a special calling with lifelong effects. We are excited to continue to support our teachers and providers, and to lift up and recognize the “brain-builders” who love and nurture our youngest Californians every day.

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