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LAUPlifting, May 2017 – CEO Message

The Newness of May

In May we honor the Mothers in our lives – the backbones and hearts of our children, and the nurturers who countlessly believe in our untapped potential; believing in the life-giving newness we as children, and adults, can gift the world. Thank you, to all of the moms – you are the difference makers.

This month signifies a resounding newness for all of us. The dormant buds of winter are blooming, the sunshine is extending its stay later into our evenings; and for us Angelenos, a new baseball season has just begun! We’re finding ourselves slurping on icy-ballpark lemonade and devouring Dodger Dogs as the crack of the bat (and peanut shells) becomes our favorite soundtrack.

At LAUP, we are taking a cue from nature and offering new and energizing curriculum methods for early educators as we wrap up our four-month-long Teacher Institute series, in which our Quality Services team provided early educators with innovative ideas to teach STEAM learning. And in the world of public policy and advocacy, the newness we anticipate is the faithful May Revise from our state governors; and I’m pleased to share with you the early learning support that was revealed on May 11, when Governor Brown released his revision to the State Budget for FY 17-18.

Governor Brown and his administration chose to restore promised funding for early care and education through this proposal, and we thank him for this commitment. This is a win for families and early learning providers, as the funding will be used to increase State Preschool slots and raise reimbursement rates for providers. At the same time, we know that much more needs to be done to expand access to quality early learning programs and to support the early education workforce. We look forward to working with the Governor, his administration, our partners, and fellow advocates in the next several weeks to develop solutions that will improve the lives of California’s children and prepare them for future success. So, on we go –

This past week, I have been in Washington DC with our Director of Public Policy, Elsa Jacobsen, as a part of our annual involvement with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce’s annual advocacy trip. We will join more than 100 stakeholders from the Los Angeles region in meetings with Administration officials, members of the California Delegation and staff of key policy committees. Locally and nationally, we are working in conjunction with our leaders to advocate for the early learning priorities our youngest children deserve.

A few days ago, the weather was cold, fickle, and damp. Now, the heat of summer has made her entrance and we look forward to the prolonged light she promises. We are tilling, we are sowing, and we are planting where we desire to see growth. I look forward to the newness we are a part of and are creating on behalf of our youngest learners—establishing the quality foundation they deserve to grow and thrive now, and far into their futures.


Upcoming events:

If you haven’t already, we invite you to purchase your tickets to LAUP’s 8th Annual Dodger Day, on June 10. For this day only, when you rally behind your local Dodgers, you’re also rallying behind LAUP’s mission to elevate the quality and care for early learners across the county, creating a brighter future for our children. A fun time will be had by all, and we can’t wait to see you at the park!

Sponsors: If you would like to send a class of preschoolers to the game, or are interested in corporate sponsorships, please email Ben Bove at


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