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LAUPlifting, September 2017 – CEO Message

Heroes come in many forms: firefighters, men and women in uniform, parents, teachers, grandparents; even the Marvel heroes we grew up with and continue to love into adulthood, sharing in the experience with our children.

September 2017 marks the 16-year anniversary of the devastating 9/11 attacks that shook our country. Every year, this time is heavy on our hearts, but stirs up gratefulness towards the men and women who stood tall that day to rescue those in danger and place themselves on the front lines for the sake of others. We continue to honor and thank these men and women for their heroism, and remember those who left us that day, and the loved ones to whom they belonged.

When heroism is ignited, we’re reminded it is because there is something to be protected; heroism can even be conceptualized as the act of responding to a need that exists in another. With this considered, I want to offer a remind that you are all heroes. As parents, teachers, and advocates; you are protecting the minds, and futures of our children by joining in the charge to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be exposed to high quality learning opportunities from the moment they are born. Thank you for putting our children first, and for responding to their need for high quality early care and education.

At the end of this month, I will be traveling to D.C. with our Director of Public Policy, our partners at LACOE, and a handful of parents who have children in our Head Start Programs. Together we will be meeting with our members of Congress—advocating for increased early learning investments as our parents share their powerful testimonies about the positive impact high quality early learning has had on their child, and family.

A week later, we will be joining all our partners in Quality Start Los Angeles to celebrate and promote the annual “Be A Hero Day, ” which lifts up the male figures in children’s’ lives. Thousands of fathers, uncles, grandfathers and others take their children to preschool, engage in classroom activities, meet classroom staff, and further reinforce the powerful role they embody as male role models in their child’s life, and future. Designated on October 3, we invite you to join us in the countywide movement to increase male involvement in preschool, home, and in our communities.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the heroes you are to our children each and every day. It is your continued love and dedication to our children’s best and our joint commitment we’ve made together that make high quality early learning opportunities, and their expansion, a reality.


Scott L. Hippert, CEO

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