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Meet Child360: Supporting Quality Early Learning from Every Angle

Nonprofit unveils refreshed name, logo and tagline

Los Angeles, Nov. 7, 2017–Beginning today, the early learning organization formerly known as Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) will lead with a reimagined name and refreshed logo. Child360, and its complimentary branding, embodies the organization’s current work, growth, and continued vision. The name, logo and tagline first debuted today over Child360’s website and social channels.

The clarified branding addresses the nonprofit’s expansion to support quality early learning for children from birth to five years, throughout the state and beyond. Child360 was initially established to support the care and development of Los Angeles County’s earliest learners, and has since grown in scale and scope throughout Southern California, now taking on critical action for children nationwide.

“We believe in a future, where every child has the educational opportunities they need to succeed in school and life,” said Scott Hippert, CEO, Child360. “Yet, this bold vision called for a bold name, a name that underscores our approach to support the whole child, beginning at birth through age five—whether here in California or in our nation’s capital. Child360 gives us a banner to do just that: better embody who we are, and underscore our long-term vision.”

Today’s reveal marks the culmination of a two-year journey. Child360’s staff and board played an integral role throughout the process, guided by external research and analysis; and led by experts in industries spanning from education to marketing.

“While our name changes, the vision that’s driven us for 12 years and counting remains stronger than ever,” said Richard Martinez, Board Chair, Child360. “Alongside our trusted community partners, we continue to improve the quality of early learning and invest in every component that impacts a child’s education—such as program support, professional development, advocacy, research, and community engagement.”

“Our investment in Child360 is ultimately an investment in the future of our communities,” said Hippert. “With a dedicated focus on supporting early learning from every angle, we are equipping and empowering the next generation of our future workforce. Our children deserve it, and so do we.”

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Meet Child360:

1. Name: Child360 reflects the organization’s commitment to support quality early learning, from every angle.
2. Logo: The refined logo pays homage to Child360’s history, while visually leading the organization forward.
3. Tagline: “one focus, every angle” puts the success of our earliest learners at the forefront—while uplifting those around them. Throughout its history, Child360 has taken a 360 degree- approach to improve and expand the vital early learning opportunities our young children deserve, by working alongside educators, families, partner organizations, policy makers and our communities.


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