Business Services

Child360 provides back-office administrative support to create greater efficiencies in the early learning sector, empowering providers to focus on improving their program’s quality and building their staff’s capacity. Through scale and specialization, our organization has the expertise and the capacity to offer this service to early learning providers throughout the state of California and beyond.

Our team of child care and fiscal management specialists bring over 10 years of experience to early learning providers. The Child360 Business Services model maximizes an administrator’s time to focus on what they do best and enjoy the most – to educate and nurture young children.

Services offered:

  • Billing and collections
  • Financial Management
  • Budget planning and management
  • Financial reporting
  • Grant compliance and reporting
  • Bookkeeping data entry, including QuickBooks
  • Onboarding and training for comprehensive child management system implementation
    • Attendance management, scheduling and reporting
    • Automated sign-in
    • CACFP tracking
    • Family and child data and reporting
    • Staff data and tracking
  • Ongoing training and support in the use of these tools
  • Utilizing community connections

For more information, please contact Claudia Sarmiento at 213.416.1335 or email

There is a positive relationship between the quality of administrative practices and the quality of the children's learning environment in center-based programs.
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