Classroom Support

Child360 offers quality early education improvement at the classroom level. Our coaches are trained in research-based curriculum, assessments, teaching strategies and other practices that they use to support and elevate early education programs to the next level of excellence. We specialize in:

Trainings for Rating Tools and Components

  • Classroom environments for all ages
  • Teacher-child interactions for all ages
  • Program Administration Scale (PAS)
  • CA child development permit
  • Domain & subscale training

Instructional Quality

  • Powerful interactions
  • Second language acquisition
  • Extending learning: enhancing outdoor space
  • Care and supervision
  • STEAM curriculum and environments
  • Technology usage in the classroom

General Quality Support

Quality Support Coaches work closely with teachers and support staff (i.e. program administrators) to understand each program’s objectives, strengths, and challenges. Based on evaluated needs, a quality support coach guides and mentors the process of enhancing and improving the quality of the program. The coach stays connected with the provider through constant communication; ensuring providers have the information needed to be successful.

Quality Support Coaches work directly with you to:

  • Ask questions and understand your program needs
  • Acknowledge and evaluate your strengths
  • Facilitate trainings
  • Link you to additional Child360 specialists and teams
  • Demonstrate teaching strategies by modeling
  • Provide supportive observation and feedback
  • Help you maintain a safe and appropriate preschool environment
  • Assist in implementing ideas learned in trainings
  • Engage in brainstorming activities designed to develop new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals

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