Quality Assessments

Child360 has developed an exemplary early education assessment service that incorporates highly trained individuals using industry standard tools to measure the quality of early childhood environments and interactions that occur between teachers and children in those settings.

We conduct classroom observations and elevate classroom quality through the following tools:

  • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised (ECERS-R)
  • Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale-Revised (ITERS-R)
  • Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-Revised (FCCERS-R)
  • Infant CLASS
  • Toddler CLASS
  • Pre-K CLASS
  • Program Administration Scale (PAS) (formally certified)
  • Business Administration Scale (BAS)

All Child360 early education assessment staff have been trained to reliability by Child360 anchors. Our anchors are qualified to serve in this capacity as they obtained reliability after training with Environment Rating Scales Institute (ERSI) staff. The majority of our quality early education assessment staff hold advanced degrees and are reliable on multiple early childhood assessment instruments.

For more information, please call 213.416.1819 or email services@child360.org

“The value and accuracy of [the CLASS] evaluation are borne out in research conducted in thousands of classrooms showing that children... whose teachers have high CLASS ratings make greater gains in reading, math and social skills."
- Pew Research Report, "Transforming Public Education: Pathway to a Pre-K-12 Future" -