Finding a Quality Program

Choosing child care may be the most important decision you will make as a parent. Approximately 85% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first three years of life. We know that children are influenced primarily by their parents and home environment, but the preschool child of parents who work full-time may spend a major portion of her waking hours in child care. The quality of child care has a direct impact on your child’s ability to learn, to build healthy relationships and become the best he or she can be.

Download the infographics below for a list of questions and observations you should make when choosing a child care setting:

Learn more about quality child care from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles (CCALA).

I believe we are a place where the children can walk in and know, ‘I am always safe. School, teachers, adults in school are someone I can depend upon.’ There is a window in here that will shut, we need to reach them before it does,
Michelle Moyer, - Teacher, The Child and Family Center Therapeutic Preschool, Santa Clarita, CA