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2016-17 Annual Report

In this day and age, ’evolution’ is all around us. For example, the cars we drive have transformed into vehicles that can navigate us to our destinations, and in some cases, even drive themselves. Consider technology: pagers, car phones, pay phones—these modes of telecommunication have evolved into mobile devices and tablets that allow us to chat anywhere, with anyone, face-to-face!

The concept I appreciate most about evolution is the fact that it often leads to improvement. I am proud to say that when I think about Child360 over this previous year, ’evolution’ is characteristic of our journey; we are making progress in an evolving landscape, and in synchronicity evolving as an organization to better the lives of our Nation’s families, children, and the educators who nurture their development each and every day.

As Child360 has evolved as an organization over the last 14 years, we are revolutionizing the early learning landscape with the way we support children, their families, early educators, and the community at large. We’ve created professional development programs that support early educators who want to work with children with exceptional needs; we’ve expanded our scope and reach to serve children ages 0-3 because studies have proven that critical moments of brain development occur from birth. And, as we continue to advocate locally and nationally for more early learning investments, policy-makers, businesses, and key stakeholders are responding to our request to support our earliest learners. However, our work is only beginning.

The early learning landscape is evolving, we are evolving, and the early education community needs us more than ever. Join us in our commitment to nurture the journeys of our youngest children. Your partnership cultivates change that extends beyond the ordinary. Your partnership aids in the evolution of the workforce. The evolution of the families we serve. The evolution of our children. And the evolution to a better tomorrow.


Richard Martinez, Board Chair

We’re making quality
a reality

Expanding quality throughout the county

In stride with local Los Angeles Partners, Quality Start Los Angeles successfully launched, with over 800 early learning sites enhanced! Playground enhancements, cutting edge curriculum, coaching, and family engagement support.

Developing the Workforce

68 trainings were offered to over 1,048 early learning professionals.

This year’s highlight: Our in-house "Teacher Institute and Director Institute", which had a focus on STEAM learning.

Creating Advocates in the Community

Through our Community Ambassador Program 1,575 parents and community members trained to become advocates for young children through our partnership with the North East Valley and South East Los Angeles Best Start Communities.

Child360 Coaching Results

Average before coachingAverage after coaching
results graph

Instructional Support

results graph

Classroom Organization

results graph

Emotional Support

156 classrooms saw an increase in CLASS assessments following coaching services. Classrooms that received coaching and training also scored higher than the National Head Start average in all three domains and in most dimensions.

We’re expanding

We’ve formed new partnerships. Over 50 Proposals submitted for coaching, training and assessments.

Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Grant Win

Our first federal grant! Through this work, we are serving over 120 infants and toddlers--10% of which are special needs--providing quality early learning, health screenings, and dental and vision service!

Exceptional Populations Certification Program

Child360 successfully launched a first of its kind program that trains early educators to better support children with disabilities and emotional and behavior challenges.

We are transforming the way the early learning workforce supports young children with exceptional needs."
- Richard Martinez

Meeting and greeting


As a leader and pioneer in the early learning industry, we presented and exhibited at over a dozen conferences across the country. We’re moving the needle with:

  • Superintendents
  • Early learning educators
  • Early learning directors and business owners
  • Partner organizations
  • Policy makers
  • Advocates
  • Parents

Advocating on the ground

Every year we make our way to Capitol Hill to advocate for our youngest and their families. This year, we hosted our first reception on the Hill to meet with key decision makers. Our parents and families had the opportunity to share their story with our country's legislators and explain the difference quality early learning made in the lives of their children, and themselves.

All of this made possible with our Child360 family

Industry acclaimed:

Over ten of our staff members received awards respective to their industry expertise

A peek into our staff:

Diverse roots

Born across a dozen different countries


Nearly 70% of employees speak two or more languages


Over 50% of employees volunteer on a regular basis

Multiplying the good in the world

15 babies born into the Child360 family!

Portos Bakery affecionados

576 Porto’s pastries consumed. Don’t worry, we have a very large staff 🙂


Current Assets

Current Liabilities

Net Assets

Revenues and Other Support

We’re standing out


Approximately 85% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first 3 years of life. Every time a child has a positive, engaging verbal interaction– whether it’s talking, singing, or reading – neural connections of all kinds are strengthened within the child’s rapidly growing brain.

On October 27, 2016, YMCA Play & Learn preschool hosted community members, parents, and QSLA partners for a ribbon cutting ceremony which celebrated the site transformation they experienced from being a QSLA provider.

2017 Early Educator of the Year Award winner Bri Naiman, Temple Isaiah Preschool; as a child, Naiman struggled in school due to learning disabilities. This largely shaped her decision to become an educator and to facilitate an environment that supports students to better understand themselves and find joy in learning.

Child360 staff pictured at our annual fundraising event, Dodger Day. Pictured L-R: Ani Shabazian, Child360 Board Member; Dawn Kurtz, Chief Program Officer; Scott Hippert, former CEO; Kim Robinson, Director of Human Resources & Administration; Richard Martinez, Child360 Board Chair; William Sperling, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel, and Current Acting CEO.

2017 Early Educator of the Year Award winner Angelica Hernandez, Long Beach City College Child Development Center and Learning Lab; she believes every child is an individual and it is her role as an educator to get to know each child and adapt curriculum to meet their needs.

You are your child’s best advocate. Every year Child360 Community Ambassadors lead the charge to the state and federal capitols to meet with legislative offices and share the powerful journey and impact early learning has had on the lives of their child(ren) and family unit.


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Thank you to our donors

Board of Directors

For well over a decade, Child360 has helped over 900 early learning providers improve the quality of their program, giving nearly 200,000 children the best start in school, and life.

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