Research & Evaluation

Award-winning research that drives innovation

Child360 houses an award-winning Research and Evaluation team that specializes in program evaluation and development. Our highly trained researchers work with you to understand, improve and measure the success of various elements of your program.

Program Evaluation

We utilize various methods to help determine the strengths of improvement areas of your program. Summative year-end reports and continuous feedback help engage program staff.


We design and implement studies to test theories and find evidence of the effectiveness of programs. For projects in the exploratory phase, we write white papers, literature reviews, and landscape studies.

Training on Data Use

We provide customized training to help you maximize your investment in data collection. Deep data dives may include the creation of an action plan to help you reach your program goals.

Grant Writing

Our team is well versed in the creation and editing of grant proposals, including the development of any required technical reports.


We support you in planning the implementation of your program from the identification of goals and outcomes to on-demand surveys and feedback memos.

Our Clients