Workforce Development

Child360 supports the professional growth and development of early learning educators, and also provides resources and incentives for those who may want to pursue a career within the early learning workforce. Through Teacher Institute workshops, the Child Development Workforce Initiative, and more, Child360 seeks to attract, develop, and support a skilled and diverse ECE workforce in Los Angeles.

The Research & Evaluation department evaluates data from workforce programs including participant feedback and perceived outcomes. The work of the Research team enables Child360 to quantify the beneficial impacts of these initiatives and identify unmet needs for future programs.

ASPIRE Evaluation

Child Development Workforce Initiative 

Evaluation of LAUP’s Coordinated Quality Improvement Support Services Approach: A Case Study Method, FY 2016-17

Exceptional Populations Certification

Los Angeles County Early Care and Education Workforce Consortium

Stability of Teaching Staff in LAUP Programs

Teacher Institute Evaluation 

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The tremendous work LAUP is doing to develop a workforce for today is critical to the success of America's future workforce.
Marcela Bailey - Chair, LAUP Corporate Council