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Storypark digital app supports the development of the whole child: linking families & teachers during child’s learning journey

Child360 and Storypark have teamed together to provide early learning sites with an innovative approach to family engagement and communication. Storypark’s revolutionary online platform is designed for early childhood organizations focused on creating high quality outcomes for children and families.

With the goal of the platform to support children from every angle, where teachers, friends, and family members can build a strong support structure and work together in each child’s learning, Child360’s initial pilot program has proved successful from multiple vantage points. “It makes the school and home community closer knit, which is something that we strive for here” says Angela McKinney, Centre Director at Rainbow in a Cloud Child Development (part of the Child360 group).

Storypark’s private online communities are globally recognized for supporting high-quality interactions and outcomes for children, families and educators. “Child360’s values, purpose and strong focus on family engagement align very closely with ours” says Storypark CEO Peter Dixon.

“Child360 is on the ground, mobilizing and empowering communities. They’re working shoulder-to-shoulder with parents, caregivers, residents, organizations, businesses, and government institutions to build and implement strategies that create the strongest community for young children and their families. We’re doing the same.”

Alexandra Himmel,Child360’s Director of Strategic Initiatives leading this program, has observed the ease of use for educators and families, alike and nods the connectedness the platform brings between home and school life. . “We believe every child should have the foundation to succeed in school and life – and the connection between families and educators is a key component. We commend Storypark for strengthening that connection by creating rich, meaningful relationships via their platform. Teachers love the ability to capture a child’s moment of discovery in real-time and educate families about what that experience means for their child.”

As a parent or caregiver, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. From the moment your child is born, each and every experience is laying the foundation for how your child will learn, grow, and experience life. The way you nurture, guide and support your child makes all the difference, in fact, research shows that children whose families are engaged in their learning are more likely to be successful in later life.

“We work with all different types of early learning programs, and the one thing we hear from all is that teachers need more time. Storypark allows us to provide educators with a tool that not only saves time but deepens family engagement in a very real way. It’s one of the ways we support teachers in meeting their goals to truly lift our children up” says Elsa Leal, Family Engagement Supervisor at Child360.

“We’re proud to be helping every child to get the best start in life, by connecting and empowering the community around them” says Peter Dixon. Storypark is used by early childhood services focused on high-quality practice in 38 countries, including many of Australasia’s and Canada’s largest providers.