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The Angle, December 2018 – CEO Message

December is often a time of traditions and celebrations, framed by moments spent with our loved ones. While we’ve had a bit of rain these past few weeks in Southern California, having two boys of my own, I’m reminded of the increased bonding that takes place due to the weather. While their active bodies are confined to the indoors, we have to get creative with how we expend their energy by using our imaginations. Colder days can also encourage quieter moments with our children. While this may seem less dynamic than outdoor play-days, important development is shaping your child’s mind. Research shows that it’s in these first few years, more than one million new neural connections are being formed every second. These connections will shape how your child will learn, grow, and experience life. Whether it’s the cozy moments, or the rampant games of “lava” with your couch pillows, believe it or not you are laying important groundwork for our future doctors, artists and lawyers.

Brain building begins at birth, and the holidays can be a warm reminder for all of us that the quality time we are spending with our children matters, and is making a difference in their lives.

Happy holidays from all of us at Child360!

Bill Sperling, CEO

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