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The Angle, February 2019 – CEO Message

Whether at the state level with the appointment of California’s Governor Newsom, or at the national level as each state unveils its budget priorities for the coming year – early care and education is a hot topic of discussion. While it’s something that has always been front of mind for organizations such as ourselves, we couldn’t be more pleased to see that there is growing interest and emerging research that continues to validate why we do what we do, and is paving the pathway for expansion.

A week ago, The Learning Policy Institute released a report that adds to the growing consensus that high-quality preschool provides the critical foundation that sets the stage for future learning and life, with effects that last well into adulthood. Titled, “Untangling the Evidence on Preschool Effectiveness: Insights for Policymakers”, the report comes at a very opportune time, as we look forward to future investments for California, and a hopeful momentum that will trickle into other states. What stood out to me the most with this study is that its bottom line not only validates that children are better off for attending high-quality early learning programs, but also defines the elements that compose quality and proves that these elements are essential for an effective preschool program with lasting outcomes. “High-quality” early learning has always been something we stand for at Child360, and we invite you to explore this study to learn more about the essential components of a quality program, and the foundation to our approach.

In other exciting news, with the potential ECE budget increases on the horizon from our Governor, we are anticipating that many school districts will be looking to build and grow early learning infrastructures in their school districts. On February 1-3, Child360 team members met one-on-one with small groups of superintendents at the 13th annual symposium for California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators, which brought together over 150 school administrators from throughout the state. We are glad we can contribute to the ECE movement across the state by sharing the benefits of strong early learning programs and the ways we can improve program quality.

It is a very exciting time to be in the early learning sphere, and there are always ways for you to join us on our collective journey. To help advocate, or simply learn more, please explore our advocacy community where you can sign up for alerts, search new legislation, and connect with elected officials in your community.


Bill Sperling, CEO

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