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The Angle, June 2018 – Book Picks

Memories with Dad or the father figures in our lives, are often the quality moments in our day-to-day: laying in the grass, learning to ride a bike, or watching him tinker on something in the home while you skillfully slurp your icy lemonade. For this month’s books, we’ve made selections that will inspire those place-based moments that turn into memories.

Every Friday

by Dan Yaccarino (Henry Holt $16.95) Age 4-6

For this father-son duo, Friday is their favorite day. All week long, they look forward to their Friday ritual: a walk through their urban neighborhood, donned with window shopping and familiar faces, punctuated with breakfast at their favorite diner.

Illustrations offer a warm, 1950s vintage feel, emphasizing the sense of tradition that is being built between this father and son – to be looked back upon fondly as a slew of sweet memories. The weekly tradition between these two will seem lovingly familiar to those who already have similar rituals with their parents, and those who don’t will be tugging on dad to start their own!

The Heart and the Bottle

by Oliver Jeffers (Philomel Books $17.99) Age 4-8

The book begins with a curious, exuberant little girl whose curiosity and love for the world is nurtured and fueled by her father. The duo blissfully explores the wonders of the world, the stars, and the depths of the sea through the portal of reading. When her father can no longer be there to read with her, the little girl puts her heart in a bottle for safe-keeping, and self-protection.

Jeffers brings to light the realities that surface in times of grief, nuanced with what happens when we choose to lock away our pain. Into adulthood, the little girl learns that when she locked away her heart, she also locked away her zest for life and exploration—so she must set her heart free! A great book to “see things in the stars” with your child, but to also facilitate those harder conversations about hurt and the choices we can make with our hearts in those difficult situations.

Fishing in the Air

by Sharon Creech, Illustrated by Chris Raschka, (HarperCollins $15.95) Age 4-8

This whimsically illustrated story traces a father and son on their fishing expedition. As the title suggests, the fishing in the story goes beyond ordinary fishing, as the pair cast their lines to “catch the air!” and “catch the breeze!” but most importantly, a heart full of memories.

When the two reach the riverbank, dreamy illustrations trace the imagination of the little boy, as his father recounts fishing with his father when he was young. The illustrations flow in unison with the lyrical nature of the text, taking the reader on a journey that emphasizes the richness that lives in multi-generational bonds and traditions.


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