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The Angle, March 2019 – CEO Message

Just a few weeks ago, Child360 launched its 2019 Exceptional Populations Training Institute (TI), which provides specialized training for early learning professionals to better support children with trauma induced behavioral and emotional needs, developmental delays, and physical and mental disabilities. A 2014 report by the U.S. Department of Education found that students with disabilities were twice as likely to be suspended, while children from low-income backgrounds—who were disproportionately children of color—also experienced higher suspension rates. Nationally, children under five are three times more likely to be suspended than older children. Amidst these troubling statistics, educators have expressed they don’t feel like they have the support they need to minimize or expunge these outcomes. In a recent survey conducted by the California Teachers Association Survey, Nearly 9 out of 10 teachers said they need more training and support in alternatives to suspensions.

All children deserve to be placed on a path of success, and educators deserve outstanding support.

Thanks to the Munzer Foundation, 33 Long Beach USD participants have already begun the 12-week program, which will pave this reality. The specialty program will focus on three areas: Cultural Competency, Trauma Informed Care, and Challenging Behaviors. We know time is one of the most valuable resource our educators have, and can be one of the greatest barriers when it comes to pursuing professional development; for this reason, the program is a hybrid-learning model, which blends in-class instruction and online learning. Already, participants have expressed affinity for this model, as far as convenience for earning their professional development hours with less time in the classroom, and more opportunities for self-paced learning.

The successful launch of this year’s reimagined program is the result of much collaboration with the providers in Long Beach, and strong leadership and vision from the Munzer Foundation. Thank you to these partners for their integral contributions, and thank you to the providers who are helping bring the elements of this program to life: Long Beach Day Nursery, Un Mundo De Amigos, LBUSD Child Development Centers, Comprehensive Child Development, YMCA Early Childhood Education, and Young Horizons. It is with their help, that we forge ahead on our collective goal to eliminate preschool suspensions and expulsions.


Bill Sperling, CEO

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