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The Angle, May 2018 – 360 View

May marks a very special month for all of us here at Child360 when we celebrate the importance of mothers and teachers, and lift up the significant ways they have touched our lives. On behalf of the entire organization, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Whether you are a provider, a student, a parent in our program, or part of Child360 staff, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to making our families and communities better.

And, in the spirit of Mother’s day, I would like to say thank you to the women who have positively affected our lives – whether it is by word, a small gift, or even the gift of your time. To the mothers and nurturers: take some time for yourself to recharge and nurture what provides fulfillment in your life. Our feature this month highlights mindfulness and the transferable ways we can teach this to our children. Cultivating mindfulness and self-care empowers us to be a more complete version of ourselves, and in turn, inflates our capacity to give more to those around us.

Happy Mother’s day, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for all you do.


Bill Sperling, Acting CEO