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The Angle, November 2018 – CEO Message

Millions of Children are Counting on You – to Vote!

What’s one of the most meaningful things you can do to help ensure all young children have the best foundation in school and life? Vote!

Today, our country will determine who will be elected into several important roles across the country, choosing Governors, members of Congress, the Senate and House, state legislatures, school boards, city councils and more. One thing is certain, the election results will impact the lives of millions of young children with various educational policies and legislation on the docket, including federal and state investments in early learning programs. Our votes will determine the futures for our youngest learners, and that path must include advancing quality early learning opportunities for every child.

At Child360 this means supporting the development of the whole child, beginning at birth. Alongside trusted community partners, Child360 improves the quality of early learning and elevates the early learning industry through program support, professional development, advocacy, research, and community engagement. From every angle, we are equipping the next generation, empowering them to discover their potential, and advancing our future workforce. Your voice advances the work we do, and empowers the vision that every child should succeed in school, and in life.

Please stand with Child360 on election day and get out to vote!

To find your nearest polling place, please click here.

Our children and educators are counting on you! See you at the polls and cast your votes with our littlest learners in mind.

Bill Sperling, CEO

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