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The Angle, October 2019 – What We’ve Been Up To

At Child360, navigating the early learning landscape keeps us busy every season, and this fall is no exception. From every angle, we are advancing opportunities for our children; we’re leveraging research, engaging families, expanding our services, and working with the Mayor’s office.

Read more to see what we’ve been up to:

Utilizing research-based practices to ensure we are meeting the demographic needs of our children

Did you know that in California alone, 1.8 million children ages birth to five – that’s 60% — are learning more than one language at home? California is home to a larger number of DLL children in this age group than any other state, and they comprise the majority of early learners!

Child360 is delivering Research and Evaluation services for the American Institutes for Research to shed light on effective, high-quality early learning for dual language learners! We are working all throughout Los Angeles County – across 72 sites; and this includes infant, toddler, and preschool age children! Our work began this summer, and we will be working all the way through December 2020.

Working with Los Angeles City Mayor, Eric Garcetti

Our Research & Evaluation leaders at Child360 have been working closely with the Mayor’s office to develop a framework that will support and guide the Mayor’s goal of certifying and training 2,500 new ECE professionals by 2025. In his State of the City last April, he made large commitments to the advancement of early education – better support for teachers, families, and our children. He echoed that early learning is critical to the health and wellbeing of our children, and the “stakes are too high” to not make these investments. Professionalizing the early learning workforce is key to helping the student readiness gap, and it’s been a privilege to have a seat at the table with the Mayor as he develops this plan to certify and train more ECE professionals. Child360 has a long history of successful workforce development initiatives, and we are confident that our combined efforts will guide strong decision making to execute his commitment.

Engaging families to take a simple step that keeps their child’s future in mind

The 2020 Census is around the corner, and Child360 is working in concert with partners to ensure all young children are counted. When children are counted, it ensures their needs are accounted for – such as early childhood programs, health services, funding for schools, special education programs – all the programs our young children need. We’re in the process of completing two grants that mirror this work:

  1. Brain Building from Birth – in partnership with the Stein Family Foundation, Child360 developed a bilingual toolkit focusing on the importance of brain development from prenatal through age three, with valuable tips on how to nurture their baby’s brain development and a call-to-action to ensure all children are counted in the 2020 Census. In addition to this toolkit, be on the lookout for digital spots from Child360 that continue to spread this important message!
  2. With the Baby Futures Fund, Child360 is creating census outreach materials for families who have children ages 0-8, highlighting the Census’ impact on programs for young children, and information on how/when to complete the census form. To further support this message, and create ambassadors in the community, we are delivering trainings related to Census education. We are grateful for this opportunity to make an impact in a special way for our children, and look forward to sharing more updates with you!

For any questions and if you would like to speak with us about our Census workshops, please reach out to Ashley Portillo, Public Policy Specialist, at

Partnering with all educational systems that fall in the 0-5 window

Since Child360’s inception, we evolved from serving just preschool-age children to an expanded role with infant toddler care. We know that learning starts from birth, and our priority at Child360 is to prepare children ages 0-5 for kindergarten and beyond. This age range represents a critical window of development, and Transitional Kindergarten is no exception—that is why our services are expanding once more. We are officially providing quality enhancements and services to transitional kindergarten programs! We are working with Azusa Unified School District’s Extended Transitional Kindergarten program. We will conduct CLASS observations, coaching, and trainings for their TK programs. If you have a TK program, and are interested in our specialized services, contact us at