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The Angle, September 2019 – CEO Message

Recently, we partnered with Spectrum News 1 Los Angeles, highlighting an emerging conversation that impacts our work every day: Trauma Informed Care and the correlation with preschool suspensions.

We live in an age of preschool suspensions where statistically, children of color, children with challenging behaviors—particularly those who have experience trauma—and children with disabilities are more likely to be suspended. A mother in Child360’s Early Head Start Program had fears about her child being kicked-out of the classroom due to his behavioral challenges – so much so, she almost didn’t enroll him. Thanks to the high quality of care and dedication from the educators at this little boy’s program, he did not become another statistic; rather, he is thriving – with better behavior daily, and a mother who feels supported.

We invite you to watch this story, which highlights the triumph of this aforementioned mother, and interviews Associate Director Sara Vicente of Long Beach Day Nursery, who just participated in Child360’s Exceptional Populations Training Institute, which arms educators in the area of trauma-informed care, cultural competency, and challenging behaviors.

An increasing number of preschool teachers are participating in trainings that focus on handling difficult behavior and empowering children outside of the statistics of their neighborhoods and circumstances, and placing them on the successful trajectory they deserve. We applaud you—we need to make every effort to support our children. The development of our children begins with the professional development of those who care for them. Their training, really, is the standard of quality they’re able to give in the classroom.

Success stories as these should be the norm, and Child360 is committed to working with you, to make this a reality. With Back-to-School upon us, now is the perfect time to develop and focus on your goals for the coming year.

If trauma informed care, positive discipline, cultural competency and challenging behaviors are topics of interest to you, email us today to learn more about these trainings. We’re here to help you do what you do best: love, nurture and teach young children during their earliest years. No matter a child’s background, zip code, or socio-economic level, all children deserve education environments where they feel safe to learn, grow and experience life.

Bill Sperling, CEO